Contact Lens Care

It is important as a contact lens wearer to know the proper way to clean and care for your contact lenses.Untitled It is particularly important to follow guidelines for safe handling of soft contact lenses, as improper use of solutions and cleaning your lenses can lead to serious fungal eye infections. Each brand of solution has the proper way to use their product and should be used as directed on the box.

Some basics of contact lens care are to: 1) Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses, this prevents and dirt, germs or foreign objects from getting into your eyes. 2) Clean your lenses with the recommended solution (Note: some products are not compatible with others, or with certain contact lenses. Using incompatible products can ruin your contact lenses or harm your eyes. Always consult with your optometrist before using any eye care products). To clean the lenses you can rub them in the palm of your hand with a little solution to remove and eye-produced buildup, cosmetics and/or debris. 3) It is important to keep your contact lens case clean as well. Place the lenses in a clean case and fill with fresh solution with each use (do not ‘top-off’ solution old solution). It is recommended that you replace your contact lens case every month.


  1. Never touch solution bottle tip to any surface, including your body. This can cause contamination of solution.
  2. Avoid using tap water on your contacts or ant contact accessories. Tap water carries microorganisms called Acanthamoeba that can cause serious eye infection.
  3. When placing your contact lenses in the case, be sure they are fully submerged in the solution.
  4. NEVER wear your contact lenses while swimming or showering.