Contact Lens Fitting

Contact Lenses need to be properly fitted and prescribed by a seasoned eye care professional. Your optometrist needs to evaluate the unique aspects of your eye, including each eye’s size, strength and health.

When you visit your eye care professional, they will take the following steps fit your contact lenses.

Step One: Comprehensive Eye Exam
Your optometrist will determine what degree of vision correction you require. Then, they will evaluate whether or not your eyes are well-suited for contact lens wear. They will provide you a prescription that is unique to your eyeglass prescription and helps you to see more clearly and lens fitting

Modern contact lenses are so innovative that they can match almost any prescription. Even if you have astigmatism, contact lenses will help you see with incredibly clarity.

Step Two: Measuring your eyes
Your optometrist will measure the curvature of your eye. These measurements will determine the fit of your contact lenses, enabling you to wear them without irritation. If you suffer from astigmatism due to the irregular curvature of your cornea or lens, your eye doctor will help you to find contacts that correct for this irregularity, enabling you to see better than ever before.

Step Three: Evaluation of your Cornea
There are many contact lenses to choose from. One way of narrowing down what type of lens you should wear, is to evaluate the health of your cornea. If you have naturally dry eyes, you may require an exceptionally lubricated and breathable lens. Your lifestyle will also dictate what type of lens is best suited to your needs.

Step Four: Trying out your Contact Lenses
Your eye doctor wants to be sure that your contact lenses are comfortable and that they enable you to see with enhanced clarity. After helping you to put in your first pair, your optometrist at 360 Eyecare – Metro will give you a pair of trial contact lenses that you may wear for a few days. If you are happy with these lenses, you will be able to get as many as you require to see clearly until your next eye exam.

360 Eyecare – Metro has so many contact lens brands to choose from. Dependent on your prescription and lifestyle, you can find a multitude of disposal contacts or multi-wear contacts at our optometry office in downtown Toronto. Get in touch with our eye care team today and see clearly with a brand new pair of innovative contact lenses!