Dry Eyes Causes and Treatments 360 Eyecare – Metro


Individuals who experience dry eyes lack adequate moisture from their tear’s supply. Dry eyes their causes and treatments are common discussions during eye exams.  Removing the symptoms with eye drops is not always the right approach as it will mask the symptoms but will not get rid of the problem.

Popular Causes of Dry Eyes:
Poor Diet
Dry Environment
Frequent Computer Exposure
Contact Lens Use
Drug & Medication Intake
Eye conditions

Increasing good fatty acids and Omega-3 in your diet will help to build a stronger tear layer that will maintain good tear supply.  A solution to dry environment would be to place a small humidifier even if it an aquarium nature.  Although, changing a frequent computer exposure may not be an option, but increasing your blink rate will certainly help to moisturize those dry eyes. Taking off contact lenses or even switching to daily disposables will help with the oxygen supply. Certain medications such as antihistamines; decongestions; pain relievers; and birth control will all lead to a side effect of dry eyes. Certain eye conditions will benefit from eye drops that will provide a sense of relief but will not solve the cause long term.

If you are experiencing dry eyes and use eye drops to treat it, remember to understand the cause of your symptoms. An effective treatment is getting rid of the causes not masking the symptoms.