Eye Care for the Future in Toronto – 360 Eyecare – Metro

360 Eyecare – Metro is a modern and forward-thinking optometry clinic which provides full eye services for its patients. The clinic can be found near the heart of downtown Toronto and is easily reachable by patients who want to receive great vision and ocular care services. We offer our patients much-needed help every step of the way, from eye exams and prescribing glasses for you and your family to long-term vision enhancement solutions. If you were searching for a healthy working relationship with an optometry clinic for you, your family and your friends, look no further.

The staff here at 360 Eyecare – Metro prides themselves with the fact that they can cater to all your eye care and eyewear needs. The founding doctors of this eye clinic are Dr. Baraam and Dr. Bastiampillai, our two enthusiastic and modern optometrists. They understand exceptionally well all eye-related needs Torontonian might have and are eager to anticipate and solve them. Apart from running the clinic and keeping up to date with the latest trends in the optometric industry, they work along with the rest of the staff here at 360 Eyecare – Metro to ensure that you and your family not only find excellent eye services, but also a long-lasting partner that will solve your eye care issues for years to come.

Close to the heart of Toronto, 360 Eyecare – Metro is also proud to be one of the few eye clinics that are open on Saturdays. Many of our patients work in the financial sector in Toronto and we understand how hard it is for them to fit an eye exam into their busy workdays.  Not only can they do this on a relaxed Saturday now, together with their families, but we also offer after-hours consults. If you do wish to come during the week, 360 Eyecare – Metro clinic is very close to Union Station and has very easy access from St. Andrew metro station. An hour of your time can work wonders for your eyes, in the company of the most progressive eye care team in Toronto.

We also provide eye care solutions to your entire family.  Folks at 360 Eyecare – Metro love helping children with choosing their first pair of eye wear. We also keep health records for extended periods of time, meaning that we will be able to monitor the progress you and your family are making when it comes to eye care and prescribe the best possible solutions in each case.

In order to avoid having to make our patients take more trips than necessary, we also offer designer eyeglasses in our store from a lot of famous brands such as Tom Ford, Ic! Berlin, Carrera, Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Ray Ban and much more. We are dedicated to finding the perfect pair of frames for all our customers, because we have a passion for mixing quality eye care with fashion to make sure you are thrilled with your glasses for years to come.

We are looking forward to your visit at our eye clinic and optical store. Our friendly staff is here to answer all your questions and needs, and to make sure we serve you as often as needed, for years to come!