Eye twitching causes: The facts

Eyelid twitch, eyelid tic or blepharospasm is an involuntary, repetitive spasm of the eyelid muscles. Normally, the condition occurs in the upper lid; however, it can occur in both lids. For most people, twitching is mild and feels like a gentle tug on the eyelid. Others may experience a spasm that is strong enough to force you to close the eyelid. Typically, spasms usually occur every few seconds for a few minutes and are often unpredictable. The condition may occur for several days off and on after which you may not experience it for weeks or months.

Causes of eye twitching

Eye twitching causes

Most people develop eyelid spasm at some point in their lives. Though the real cause is unknown, eyelid tics may be caused by:


When you are experiencing stress, the body usually responds in different ways. Eyelid tics are just some of the symptoms that may indicate that you are stressed. Such symptoms may occur especially when stress is related to vision conditions such as eye strain. Normally, managing the cause of the stress helps in making the spasms stop.

Insomnia and fatigue

Insomnia and fatigue whether due to stress or other problems can trigger eyelid twitching. Getting enough sleep, taking time to relax and rest can help to cure the problem.

Dry eyes

About half of the elderly people experience dry eyes due to aging. Dry eyes are also common in people who use certain medications such as antihistamines or wear contact lens.

Eye strain

Stress that is due to eye-strain can occur when and if you need glasses to correct your vision or a change of glasses. In such circumstances, eye strain occurs because your eyes are working too hard which triggers twitching.

Nowadays, computer eye strain has become quite common due to excessive use of computers, smartphones and tablets. If you spend most your time on the computer, talk to your eye physician or visit an optometrist to find out if you need computer eyeglasses. Alternatively, visiting https://shopfelixgray.com/digital-eye-strain will provide you with a solution to this issue.

Alcohol and caffeine

Health experts believe that excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine can trigger eyelid twitching. If you have increased your intake of alcohol or caffeine and are experiencing this condition, consider cutting back on the two.


Eye allergies usually cause swelling, itching and watery eyes. When itchy eyes are rubbed, they respond by releasing histamine into the lid tissues which cause spasms.

To manage this problem, some eye physicians recommend use of antihistamine tablets or eye drops to alleviate the condition. Keep in mind that antihistamines can cause dry eyes, so work closely with your eye doctor to ensure you are doing the right thing for your eyes.

Nutritional imbalances

Some studies indicate that lack of certain nutrients such as magnesium may trigger eyelid tics. Though there is little scientific evidence to back these claims, nutritional imbalance has never been ruled out as a possible cause of eyelid spasms.

Ultimately, there are many eye twitching causes .Treatment usually depends on the person as well as the underlying conditions. Health scientists are still researching to find out whether there is a genetic link, though the problem does not seem to run in families.