Eyeglasses: The importance of measurement and fitting by eye care professionals.

In-Person Measurement And Fitting Could Save You From A Costly Mistake

When it comes to buying glasses, some people prefer to do it online. However, it may prove more beneficial to visit an eye care professional. Before recommending a specific pair of eyeglasses, the eye care professional will take various measurements to ensure the glasses are a perfect fit for you. The most crucial measurements are Pupillary distance, Segment Height, and Optical centre. Is this article we will discuss PD measurement in further details.

What Is PD Measurement?

PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement is the distance between the center of your pupils. This measurement is very vital as it ensures that the prescription lenses are well-centered. Properly centered lenses will provide the truest vision. If the lenses are not well centered, you will have trouble focusing with one or both eyes.

PD measurement can be taken either as a single measurement for both eyes or as individual measurements for each eye. PD measurement is best performed by an eye care professional.
Is Fitting Glasses Before Buying Really Necessary? 

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Most prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses cost hundreds of dollars. It then goes without saying that buying the wrong fit would be a very costly mistake. Even after getting a PD measurement, there is no guarantee that your glasses will fit perfectly. This is why you need to visit your eye care professional for proper fitting.

Eye care professionals can provide the best fit for you by adjusting your glasses to make sure they fit perfectly with the shape of your face. A proper fit of glasses will ensure comfort when using the glasses. So, what is involved in fitting glasses?

In addition to the design of the frame, eye care professionals consider various factors in deciding the best frame for you. These include their thickness, the thickness and type of lenses, weight among others. Your prescription may have an impact on any of these features.

Next, the eye care professional will ensure that your glasses sit correctly on your face. The bridge of the frame should fit snugly on the top ridge of your nose. If the fit is loose, the glasses will end up sliding on your face. This will affect your appearance and the usability of your glasses.

Adjusting glasses can change the centering of the lenses. It is therefore important for the fitting and adjusting to be carried out before the lenses are fixed.

Is Ordering Glasses Online A Good Option?

Shopping online has become very popular due to the convenience it offers. You can buy anything you want with the click of a button without leaving your living room. This is also the case when it comes to buying glasses. Most people prefer doing it online.

In as much as it has its benefits, buying online may not be the best option. Several complications may arise if the glasses do not fit perfectly. When buying prescription glasses, visit your eye care professional to get the necessary in-person measurements and the frame that best fits you. It may involve more work than buying online, but it may save you from a huge and expensive mistake.