Get comprehensive eye care from an Optometrist and Optician

You may find yourself wondering, do you need an Optometrist or an Optician. There is a difference between the two. An Optometrist cannot replace an Optician and Optician cannot replace an Optometrist. Finding an Optometrist and Optician at the same location is a big advantage. For the business it’s great, and it’s likely to be making optometry practices successful as they have the best of both worlds. Success for them means that they can have the latest equipment and gadgets, keeping up with industry developments. It’s also great for the patient too! Not only do they receive the best treatment, patients don’t have to travel to two different doctors offices now. However, it is important to know the function of the respective professionals.

So who is an optometrist?

An optometrist is an actual doctor trained in Optometry. Usually they are referred to as OD meaning Doctor of Optometry. An OD is trained to treat and manage eye disease and vision issues. If you need medical care on your eye, this is the professional to see. The OD can prescribe contact lenses or glasses, remove materials that have entered the eye, and perform physical reconstruction of the eye. Most of the time, an OD collaborates with an ophthalmologist to ensure complete eye care.

When would you need an optometrist?

If you need to have your eye examined for any disease or physical damage, the OD is the appropriate professional to approach. The optometrist is essential helps detect diseases that are related to the eye such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The optometrist is also instrumental in fitting and dispensing eye wear such as eye glasses.

The OD is also the person to see when you need removal of foreign bodies from the eye. They are also helpful in prescribing eye related treatment. People who have eye problems rely on these professionals for the management of pre and post-operative care of the eye.

Who are opticians?

An optician works together with an Optometrist when it comes to fitting and adjusting eyeglasses. An optician selects, fits, and adjusts glasses for people who need corrective eye measures. Opticians are professionals who understand light and their effect on the eye. They are involved in corrective eye measures through lens related intervention.

When would you need an optician?

An optician will be most useful when you need to fit glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision or adjust your eyeglasses for a particular reason. They are equipped with the skills to fabricate and fit vision limitations. You will need an optician once you have visited an optometrist with a prescription.

An Optometrist and Optician work in collaboration to provide patients with the complete eye care that they need. The Optometrist performs the medical assessment of the performance of the eye and Optician provides the necessary expertise to correct the identified eye problem. Having an Optometrist and Optician at the same location offers a patient a unique advantage of having a one stop complete eye care. You can get the professionals working on your sight collaborate with ease and have the best out of the professionals. In addition, you will get all the services that you need from both professionals when Optometrist and Optician are at the same location.