What is my Glasses Alternative?

glasses alternative

Technology is moving forward creating all types of possibilities to glasses alternative. Yes, many have tried contacts and some have instantly made a decision that contacts are not their glasses alternative. Reasons vary. Contacts may not be perfect match due to:

  • Complicated Prescriptions
  • Dry Eyes
  • Allergies
  • Phobia to Foreign Objects
  • Poor Vision Results
  • Comfort Level
  • Hygiene Environment
  • Price Factor

Then there are people who utilize both glasses and contacts, but are still looking for an alternative.
Laser surgery tends to be the next step forward that people ask about. There are enough studies and practice that has been done with Laser which makes more and more eye-glass wears consider a surgery as their glasses alternative.   Do not rush into any decisions that involve your vision. Remember, just as contact lenses surgery is not always a perfect match to give improved or even the same level of vision that an individual gets with their glasses.  There are many factors to research before making a step forward such are:

  • Know if You Are Eligible
  • Know What Happens
  • Understand the Risks
  • Know the Limitations
  • Know Your Post-surgical Care
  • Know Your Surgeon

Remember, glasses or contact lenses may still be an aid for better vision even after the surgery. If you or someone you know is looking for their glasses alternative the 1st step is to talk to the eye doctor. In this day and age even contact lens technology has improved. If contact lenses are no longer comfortable perhaps it is time to make a new fitting and look for ways to improve overall vision while loving the look with or without glasses.