Healthy Eyes and Common Eye Injuries

Scratched Eye, or in other terms, Corneal Abrasion is the most common eye injury. Getting poked in the eye, or rubbing the eye with a foreign body stuck on hand such as dust or sand, is the simplest action  which will make healthy eyes to have common eye injuries. A corneal abrasion is very uncomfortable and can cause redness and severe sensitivity to light. If something has scratched your eye , it is very important to get to an optometrist or an emergency room as soon as possible. If left unattended the scratches  can leave your eye vulnerable to infections that can cause serious harm to the overall healthy eye. If you have a scratched eye it is best not to rub it or patch the eye. Bacteria thrives in dark, warm spaces and a patch may provide the ideal environment to add an infection to a very common eye injury.

If you have a foreign body such as  piece of metal in your eye it is important to visit your optometrist or the emergency room as soon as possible. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself as you could cause more harm to the eye. Metal foreign bodies quickly form a rust ring and a significant scar. These should be removed as soon as possible.