Inside Eye Exams – What Happens

inside eye examExpect more inside eye exams to ensure you are getting the right check up as oppose to vision screening. Majority of the common eye complications have no symptoms and are impossible to detect without a thorough check up. Go over some important key points in this check list to ensure your eyes are getting enough attention. After a comprehensive exam, the eyes will be blurry and more sensitive to light. Such are just temporary results of the eye dilation during check up.

Patient History – general survey for the doctor to prepare both subjective and objective eye exams

  • Auto-mated Refracting Readings – great for records
  • Puff-Test – checks eye pressure
  • Keratometry-Reading – over-all cornea measurements
  • Visual Field Test – performs a blind spots test
  • Retinal Photography – pictures of the retina are taken for great records and health evaluation
  • Dilation Procedure – drops are administered to screen the back health of the eye
  • Binocular Vision Screening – screens the muscles performance
  • Refraction – full vision screening to determine accurate lens power for any vision error if needed

If you have gone for a vision screening your eyes have been tested if any vision aid is required to see certain characters or letters at a distance or up close. The muscles might have been checked as well as the current strength of your prescription.  Inside eye exams that are based on comprehensive check list the doctor will go through a number of advanced technological screening tests that will take more participation on patients’ behalf and require time to complete. Learn more what happens inside eye exams before booking your next one.