Interesting Facts About your Eyes & Vision

Eyes are awesome, interesting and, at times, at bit odd. As optometrists in downtown Toronto, we are constantly studying and discovering new facts about our eyes. So, we have decided to share some of the most interesting information about our eyes and vision with our eye care patients.

1. While your eyes may get tired, they are unlike other body parts in that they don’t need to “warm up”: as soon as you wake up your eyes are at the top of their visual game

2. Seeing is a complex process that involves about half of your brain

3. Our bodies naturally protect our eyes

  • If something is about to hit our eye, we automatically blink
  • Our eyelashes and eyebrows are natural barriers that keep dust & debris out of our eyes

4. Your eyes are resilient

  • When you sustain a corneal scratch, with proper care, the eye may take only about 48 hours to heal itself

5. You have a blind spot in the back of the retina where the optic nerve attaches

  • This spot is imperceptible because your eyes work together to compensate for it

6. 80% of eye conditions that people suffer from are avoidable or curable

  • Worldwide, there is a lack of knowledge and of lack of access to proper eye care and vision therapy

7. Heterochromia is a condition that causes people to be born with two different coloured eyes

8. Every person with blue eyes shares a common ancestor

9. If you decided to start wearing glasses that flipped everything upside down, after a few days your eyes would correct your vision and enable you to see everything correctly

10. The muscles that control your eyes are the most active muscles in your body

  • These muscles are also the fastest moving, which is where the term “in the blink of an eye” came from
  • Typically, you blink between 12-17 times in one minute (that’s over 4 million blinks in a year)

11. Babies may make crying noises, but they do not actually produce tears until they are about 6 weeks old

12. It is possible for your eyes to get sunburned

  • At first, you may not notice because there is no pain or redness, but overtime the sunburned tissue in your eye will thicken and this may necessitate eye surgery

Keep your eyes interesting by keeping them healthy. If you have any questions about your vision, contact our family-friendly optometry clinic in Toronto. We’d be happy to provide a dozen (or so) more awesome facts about your eyesight, as well as help to ensure that yours remains in tip-top shape.