March Break Eye Exam 360 Eyecare – Metro

attnspan1March break eye exam time is finally here. Take the time to book your kids eye health examination while it is break time.  Did you know that eye sight affects your child attention span? Even those report cards can get better if a problematic vision is detected on time. Every child in Ontario that holds an OHIP card is covered for a routine eye exam every 12 months. Even if you have never heard your kids complaining about vision pay close attention to the following:  a) Reading habits: do they skip words while reading? b) Do they rub their eyes often? c) Are they tearing when yawning?  e) Do they sit close to the board or television when watching? d) Attention span: are they getting impatient for everyone to notice?

If you have doubts about these questions or have answered yes to any of them it is good to take advantage of the covered eye examination and bring your kids over to check for things only eye doctors will notice.