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Myth: Wearing glasses all the time is bad. Take a break.

Fact: Keep using your prescribed glasses for distance or reading. Taking a breaking from glasses will only strain your eyes causing a headache and fatigue.

 Myth: Carrots help preserve and or improve vision.

Fact: Carrots do contain vitamin A, which is known to be beneficial for your eyes health.  Remember, other green vegetables will be just as beneficial in a healthy diet to ensure your eyes are getting the right nutrients, which can further protect the eyes from cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Yet, a diet had never changed someone’s farsightedness or near slightness as one is a result of the shape of the eye for instance while the other is the effects of old age.

Myth: Eye exercises helps to stay away from glasses.

Fact: Eye exercises do not improve or preserve or take away the need for glasses. Your vision relies on the shape of your eyes, the health of your eye tissues, and many other factors, none of which can be appreciably altered with eye exercises.

Myth: Reading in low light will worsen your vision.

Fact: Dim lighting will put an effect on your overall eye strain. Focus your reading light directly on the page you are reading to ensure you get the best of focus.

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