Why You Should Never Settle with Poor Vision

From moderate to severe consequences, poor vision has wide-ranging effects on a person’s life and should not be treated lightly. You may suspect that you have a visual impairment, but do not seek help due to time or cost. Alternatively, you may not even be aware that your vision is being compromised. The complexities of visual impairments make proper eye care essential. Do not settle with poor vision; take the steps to seeing more clearly by visiting our professional optometrists in downtown Toronto.

When you settle with poor vision, you miss out on the finer details that may make your day, help you learn, or keep you safe. Read on to learn how poor vision can affect your life and why it is so important to have regular eye exams from professional optometrists. If you are squinting, struggling to read, or suffering from tension headaches due to poor vision, contact Metro Eye Care for ways to see differently and live better.

At School

Poor vision is directly linked to students falling behind their peers

  • 80% of what a child is taught is presented visually
  • At times, students are misdiagnosed with learning disabilities when their inability to see is actually to blame
  • Low vision can compound learning problems when a child is also struggling with other learning challenges

If your child is falling behind, seek help from eye care professionals who understand the unique demands of young eyes.

In the Office

If you cannot see, your efficiency in the office will suffer

  • Poor vision may result in headaches, strained or teary eyes, and a wide variety of other uncomfortable symptoms that will compromise your work quality
  • Poor vision may prevent you from recognizing patterns in data and mistakes

Technology and extensive computer use have exponentially increased the demands that we place on our eyes

  • Employees have begun to suffer with a relatively new vision problem called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
  • Modern eye care professionals can alleviate the symptoms of dry, sore and tired eyes by fixing refractive errors and prescribing medication, when necessary

Don’t let the treatable symptoms of poor vision compromise your ability to deliver at your job, visit 360 Eyecare – Metro in downtown Toronto for innovative eye care and eyewear solutions

On the Road

Vision problems may prevent you from being able to effectively operate your vehicle

  • Your vision affects your ability to accurately judge the distance between you and oncoming cars
  • You may miss signals from other drivers, preventing you from reacting accordingly to protect yourself and other cars on the road
  • Street signs and lights may be illegible: when you struggle to know where you are, you may become distracted, get lost, and run the risk of driving in an unsafe way
  • You may struggle to properly adjust dials, such as your lights
  • You may struggle to read information on your dashboard, or to recognize warning lights

If your vision becomes so impaired that you can no longer drive safely, you may lose your licence. Do not let your mobility become a casualty of poor vision, get the corrective lenses/procedures that you require to effectively wield the wheel.

See clearly and be safe. Call 416-782-7301 to Book Your Comprehensive Eye Exam Today!

As you Age

As we grow older vision problems often become more common. At the same time, aging may also causes our bodies to become more fragile 

  • Good eyesight allows you to see potential hazards to avoid slips, trips and falls
  • Corrective aids will allow you to spend more time driving, reading, and enjoying the activities you love safely
  • Monitoring your eye health allows for early diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma

From prescription sunglasses to vision correction surgery, modern eye therapies can help you reduce your risks related to sight. Get an eye exam to better understand whether or not your vision is affecting your quality of life

Poor Vision, Reduced Clarity & Compromised Mobility do not have to be Permanent

Your eyesight helps you to make sense of the world around you, enabling you to make safe, sound judgements. Poor vision may affect your economic wellbeing, your mobility and even your self-image. If left untreated, eye conditions can render you fully dependent upon your family members or professional caretakers. Working with an eye care professional who you can trust will mitigate the repercussions of compromised eyesight.

Don’t squint your way through an important conference or fail to notice the door of a parked car open as you’re driving by. Do not let day-to-day errands get in the way of enhancing your vision. Contact our optometry office, conveniently located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Our optometrists will help you find the right solutions for your eyesight issues, enabling you to enjoy a safer, more successful lifestyle. From innovative surgeries to high-end prescription lenses, our team will help you to overcome poor vision and see differently.