Online purchase gone bad!

Do not purchase eye glasses online.We recently have been getting quite a few patients coming in to our dispensary getting fitted for new glasses after having had a disappointing experience with online purchases. We would like to share one particular case with you:

A young lady came in to our optical department expressing that her glasses she bought from a reputable online vendor did not feel ‘right’ so she wanted to get them checked. We were more than happy to help and our first inclination was to verify them to make sure they were made correctly. This bright young lady told us her pupillary distance was 72.0 mm. She had followed the website’s instructions on how to measure the PD by herself. When the PD of the glasses was measured by our optical staff, the reading was 62.0 mm. Our optometrist then double-checked the reading and it was in fact 62.0 mm. Typically we don’t like to see more than 1.0 mm in deviation. When it is a 10 mm deviation like in this case it is certainly considered completely out of tolerance limits and does not follow the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards for eye glasses. Such a large discrepancy in PD measurement could certainly cause undesired symptoms to the patient due to the prismatic effect of not looking through the center of the lens. These symptoms could include blur, headaches, double vision, fatigue and eyestrain. This unfortunate situation serves as a great example of the danger of purchasing glasses online where eye wear is not regulated by a governing body.