Over wearing Contact Lenses

over wear contact lenses

The most common question in the eye care practice is wether over wearing contact lenses is ok? The answer is no. Over wearing contact lenses is not acceptable. Even when you think you are doing so with care and “common sense”. Just like we would not normally take expired food or expired medications over wearing contacts past their prescribed usage time has a negative effect on our eyes. If you have bi-weekly lenses you should be disposing the lenses after 14 days, even if you only worn the lenses 10 times. It is not ok to sleep in the lenses and then wear them during the day. And monthly lenses are to be changed every four weeks, without excuses. Following the recommendations of your eye doctor is the safest practice.

Our eyes produce biological waste known is protein deposits that will stay on the lenses after usage in a moderate amount even if you rub and clean your lenses every night. As a result, the lens will form a thin gaze which consists of Lipids and Mucin that come from the content of our tears. Over wearing contact lenses some may say, ”feel just fine”, just to try and save some money. However, in the long run eyes that have been deprived of good, fresh lenses develop oxygen deficiency, become red, irritated, and are more promote to develop all sorts of infections and irritations.

Few Contact Lens Tips to Keep in Mind or Common Sense:

  • If you are sick – do not use contact lenses. 
The infection will remain in the biological tissue of your tears and will continue to irritate your eyes and prolog your sickness.
  • Change contact lenses after swimming
. Pools and open waters contain bacteria that may develop under your contact lenses. It is always best to switch to a fresh pair.
  • Always inspect your lenses before inserting into the eye and after removal for any lens imperfections. Do dispose the lens of you find chipped pieces, scratches or imperfections.
  • Change your contact lens case every 90 days to avoid bacteria growth from humidity and simple bacteria that can cause serious eye infections.
  • Avoid storing your contact lenses in humid places like bathrooms. Yes, do not store your lenses in a bathroom although this may be the most common place for personal hygiene. Bathrooms in comparison to other rooms in the house are prone to bacteria growth due to high humidity.
  • Never use saliva on your lenses – your saliva contains bacteria especially if your hands are not cleaned with soap and water.
  • Do not use hand sanitizer as a cleaning method for your hands – the alcohol will burn your eyes.
  • Contact Lens wearers are to be checked by an optometrist or a contact lens fitter like a certified optician every year to ensure contact lenses as foreign objects in your eyes are not doing any harm.

If you plan on wearing contact lenses and maintain a healthy eyes, change your lenses as prescribed and always try to take a break by wearing your eye glasses to allow your eyes more oxygen than any lens can offer.