Progressives: What You Need to Know

progressive-lenses-one-solution-to-all-vision-problemsWe all know and recognize bifocal lenses for the visible line running through the bottom half of the lenses for patients who have trouble reading fine print with their glasses. There’s a better option available for that very purpose that eliminates the very obvious lines of traditional bifocals: “progressive lenses”.

They not only hide the fact that you need reading glasses, they also provide a better correction of presbyopia than the bifocal and trifocal prescription glasses of yesteryear. They provide a truly seamless progression of lens powers so you can see at all distances. Imagine:

  • You look up to see across the room or at a distance
  • You look ahead to see your computer screen or the person in front of you at an intermediate distance
  • You gaze downward to read or write, comfortably able to see fine print closely.

In a nutshell, you get all your vision solutions in one pair of glasses, they are more comfortable for you to wear than both bifocals and trifocals and… no one has to know!