Sleeping with Contact Lenses Toronto Eye Emergency Care

Try wearing your glasses to bed. How comfortable is that? No matter how new or advanced the lens technology is of your contact lenses, your eyes are not comfortable when you are sleeping with contact lenses. In fact, eye health is at risk when over-wearing or sleeping in your every day contact lenses.

Contact lenses do not belong in your eyes; hence do not be surprised when you need eye emergency care.  Majority of the eye infections with contact lens patients are related to lack of proper hygiene and suitable oxygen supply. Now, when you are sleeping with  contact lenses your eyes are not only closed, but are covered by an extra layer of a silicone.  Such creates all sorts of ocular emergencies from irritated red eyes to severe cases of keratitis and corneal ulcers that may result in partial or full vision loss.

Of course, there are contact lenses that are made for the purpose of correcting vision during bed time. Orthokeratology, is known for correcting near-sighted patients by deliberately flattening the corneal epithelium, leaving the eye without a refractive error during the day. Such procedure is on-going and requires a specialty fitting producers with far more advanced contact lens material that is not made from regular soft silicone like matter.

If you are a constant contact lens wear and wish to continue wearing contact lenses for the years to come. The 1st step in preventative eye care is making sure an eye care practitioner checks your eyes every 6 to 12 months.  Take care of your eyes to avoid ocular eye emergencies.