Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are the best for price conscious people. These lenses, while inside, stay clear. When you go outside they darken into sunglass lenses. This transition from clear to sunglasses happens within seconds of going outside. The UV rays from the sun and the temperature outside activate the technology in the lens to make them transition. When coming inside the lenses do take a minute to transition back to clear. At 360 Eyecare – Metro we are able to provide our patients with all the transition

The Transitions line of adaptive sunwear has an initial tint that increases with the intensity of sunlight. While regular sunglasses can sometimes be too dark or not dark enough, Transitions adaptive sun-wear is always adjusting to the perfect tint.

Transitions does also offer a polarized lens. They are ideal for situations in which glare results from light reflecting off flat, horizontal surfaces such as glass, concrete, shiny metal, water, ice or snow. Combining polarization with transitions photochromaic technology reduces glare in appropriate situations resulting in added visual comfort and reduced eye fatigue.

Drive Wear Transitions– Transitions darker in the car– Cannot drive at night- Stays at 40% tint at all times
Signature 7– Transitions darker.- Transitions back to clear faster.

– Comes in brown and grey.

– Does not transition in a car.
XTRA active– Transitions darkest lens.– Slight tint while indoors.- Only available in Grey.
Vantage– Variable polarization that adjusts to match outdoor glare levels.- Gives sharper vision outside.– Only available in Grey.- Slight tint while indoors.

– Does not transition in a car.