Transitions Progressive Multi-focal No Line Tri Focal Bi Focal Lenses


New products become so innovative that it becomes more challenging to remember and know the differences. Many ask us here at 360 Eyecare – Metro about Transitions while they mean to ask about Progressive Lenses and vice versa. Let us make it a bit more clear and informative.

Lenses that change colour from light to dark are Transation Lenses as they react to the amount of UV rays that makes them to change or transition appearance. Many would also call them photochromic and they would also be right. Lack of UV rays and heat, yes, heat makes Transition Lenses or photochromic lenses to change back into clear. That is why many would say that they are most dark outside during colder temperatures versus in the car or inside a building. Multiple Transition Lenses are available in colour and innovative technology at 360 Eyecare – Metro. Just ask us for more information.

Progressive Lenses mean the same as Multi-focal, No Line Bi-Focal, or No Line Tri-Focal lens combinations that progress in a power change from top to bottom. Lenses change in power to accommodate individuals that need different power lenses for their distance, computer and reading needs. Some would require lenses just for computer and reading; progressive lens technology can also accommodate that by offering office lenses instead.

Bi-focal lenses and Tri-focal lenses still exist and we at 360 Eyecare – Metro can order them for you. Their transition or change in power is visible to a human eye by the presence of a line crossing the lens.

Transitions and Progressive or multi-focal Lenses can be made as a combination. As one will offer a change in colour while the other will accommodate you with a change in power for your distance and up-close needs!