What Type of Lenses Do I Need?

Single Vision:

When prescribed single vision lenses, your vision only needs one correction. For example, your single vision lenses will either be for distance, intermediate (computer), or items up close (near vision). Single vision lenses are available is plastic (CR-39), polycarbonate, and glass. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. See our LENS OPTIONS page for more information.


A progressive lens is the best option for someone who needs more than one field of vision correction. A progressive lens is used for distance, intermediate and near vision. These lenses are the most cost effective for people who need to wear glasses for more than one field of vision correction as they take away the need for more than one pair of glasses.

Metro Eye Care Toronto Lens Options

Choosing the Right Lenses:

When choosing what lenses are best for your eyes it is always best to talk to your optometrist for their educated advice. It is NEVER advisable to buy prescription glasses online, as there are many different factors that are not covered when purchasing online. One study that tested a random sample of online purchased glasses showed that nearly half of those glasses purchased online failed at least one of the optical requirements for the patient’s needs.

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