The Ultimate guide to finding the right lens – Nikon’s Harmony Collection

When thinking about lens options it is important that we have a good understanding what makes a lens stand out among other lenses your everyday conventional single vision lens.  Getting glasses for the first time or even as a returning patient can be overwhelming with costs, confusion about information on the product they have prescribed.  As we look at the Nikon series single vision lenses, we have developed a guide to better educate patients and to recommend the best lenses suited to various lifestyles as well as prescriptions.

Nikon Seemax AP (single vision)

Nikon SeeMax is featured in Nikon as one of their more popular lenses. SeeMax is mostly recommended for patients with high amounts of astigmatism and contact wearers. SeeMax works to provide the wearer with the best optics possible by including their state of the art technology which is described as an 8- Axis design by Nikon.  The 8 axis design is best for candidates who have higher amounts of astigmatism and require an aspheric lens. The lens involves technology that helps to reduce the amount of aberrations transmitting through the lens by involving optical correction in all parameters of the lens. Compared to other aspheric lenses where the only optical correction is in the direction of the power of the sphere. Nikon SeeMax AP also allows for customization to frame with these lenses which further improves the vision as well as the appearance. With a base curve selection option, it allows us to better fit the lens into the frame improving the overall cosmetic appearance. The indexes that these lenses are available in 1.5-1.74 index. Transition option also available.

SeeMax Nikon lenses(

Double Aspheric (DAS) (Single Vision)

This double aspheric lens offered by Nikon reduces the amount of unwanted astigmatism.  This is a great lens for patients who have high prescription as this lens is cosmetically more appealing as it can reduce the appearance of thickness of the lens by 14% against a regular conventional lens. Available in 1.6 -1.74 index.  Currently there is no option for transitions with this lens choice.



Nikon Lite AS

This single vision lens which is offered by Nikon provides the best optics to limit the amount of distortion in the periphery giving the wearer crisper optics, lighter as well as a thinner lens. This lens was originally taken from the lenses used in Nikons digital cameras. This lens is available in indexes ranging from 1.5-1.74 and also available in the following coatings SeeCoat Blue UV, ICE, HCC and H


Nikon Lite with ViewFit

ViewFit is optimized to provide the wearer with sharp, crisp optics and reduced distortion in the periphery. ViewFit is also designed to better fit the wrap in a frame that Nikon does to match the base curve to eliminate distortion and provide an overall cosmetic appearance.  This lens comes in indexes from:



RelaxSee by Nikon is designed so that it further eliminates eye strain and fatigue by allowing the lens to “Relax “your eyes when viewing at near distance. Relax see involves “Twin Technology”which features two viewing zones, one for distance and a “Relax “zone for near.  These two zones work together to reduce the stress that could be caused as a result from computers as well as up close work. This lens is available in the following lens parameters:

Progressive Lenses

SeeMax Master AP & Presio FP 

The SeeMax Master AP is Nikons progressive lens version of the single vision SeeMax AP.  The SeeMax master AP has a larger lens area, eliminates eye strain and the lenses are fitted according to prescription to provide first time and existing progressive wearers an easier time adapting to the lens. Compared to conventional progressive lenses SeeMax Master AP has a wider corridor and uses a special technology called aberration filter surface III. The aberration filter surface is applied on the back side of the lens to reduce the amount of aberration that comes from the front surface caused by the power variation. The SeeMax master AP also allows the wearer to have a better overall experience with this lens as a reduced amount of “swim”, easier adaptation with also a wider reading area.  The lenses are available in all indexes (1.5, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74) and there is also options for transition feature and it comes in 4 different coatings.


SeeMax High Power AP (progressive)

Like many of the other Nikon lenses are customized lenses, with sharper vision and quicker adaption to the lenses. Available in indexes 1.6-1.74.

Nikon “W”

e Nikon W is a lens that Nikon offers to patients who are looking for an enhanced vision, as it is typically recommended for existing progressive wearers. This Nikon lens is described as a “Dual-power progressive lens”. The lens features a front aspheric surface while the back works as Nikon aberration surface to reduce the amount of aberration experienced by the wearer.  Available in indexes 1.5-1.74. Transition option also available.



Conventional Lens                                                     Nikon W

DigiLife FP

Like most progressive lenses the powers are mainly focused at the near and distance vision, whereas the DigiLife is emphasized at the intermediate vision. This lens provides the wearer with additional comfort and an easier time to adapt to the lens. The lens is mainly optimized for progressive wearers who spend a lot of time in front of computers, tablets and mobile devices. This lens is available in indexes 1.5-1.74. The lens is can also be made with SeeCoat Blue, Ice, Polarized and Transition coatings.


Balance FP

Balance FP offers the wearer optimum comfort by providing sharp and wide vision. Balance fp is made exclusively with “Equi-View Technology” which better helps to minimize the look of distortion and blurring throughout the lens. With a wider and clearer distance field of vision the Equi-view technology achieves this by maximizing the sharpness from the optic centre to the periphery. Balance FP is available in indexes 1.5-1.74. Also available in a number of coatings including SeeCoat Blue, Ice, Polarized and transitions.

Balance Digital FP

Move/Move Short

This progressive lens focuses on optimizing the reading portion by providing patients with two features a digital surfacing that works to increase the precision and image resolution and also with the option to have a short or just a basic progressive length. Move by Nikon involves “quick access technology” which essentially provides the wearer a wider and easily accessible reading portion without taking away from the distance portion of the lens.  This lens is available in range of indexes from 1.5-1.67 and also available in the following coatings SeeCoat Blue UV, ICE, HCC and H.

Short progressive lens reading portion