Why Do Eye Doctors Not Get Lasik?

If you are thinking about having Lasik surgery to correct your vision, you may wonder why your eye doctor wears glasses. While there are no absolutes, and it would be incorrect to say that eye doctors never choose Lasik, it is true that many do not opt for the procedure.

There could be any number of reasons why your eye doctor has not had Lasik surgery.

Not Everyone Is a Candidate

Some patients, even eye doctors, may want to have Lasik, but they are not good candidates for a variety of reasons.

It’s An Elective Surgery

No one needs Lasik.  It is entirely elective. The worst thing that can happen to you if you choose to have Lasik is blindness.  The worst thing that can happen if you do not have Lasik is you’ll have to wear glasses or contacts the rest of your life.


Eye Doctors Need To See Differently Than Most of Their Patients

Optometrists spend a good deal of their time peering into microscopes or examination equipment that requires them to depend on stereoscopic vision. Stereoscopic vision means to see a single perception of a slightly different image from each eye. Lasik may weaken three-dimensional perceptions that for some people are of no concern. But eye doctors could very well not be able to do their jobs anymore if they lose this type of vision. They may not think the benefit is worth it.

Lasik Is Not For Everyone, Even Your Eye Doctor

The decision to have Lasik surgery is unique to every individual, even your own eye doctor. If you are thinking of Lasik, but wonder why your own doctor wears glasses, talk to him about it.  Ask him if he’s ever considered it, and if he opted not to, why? His answer may surprise you.  It may make you rethink undertaking the surgery. Or it very well might not change your mind, and you’ll learn more about Lasik than you thought you knew.